FYI Reminder: Amazon Removing Collectible Books on 1/6/2010

Email from Amazon to me:

On January 6, 2010, your “Collectible” book listings will be removed from  After that date, only collectible offers from approved sellers will be available for purchase in the Books store.

Listing in the Collectible books category was limited to approved sellers beginning on April 19, 2009.  Since then, we have been refining our listing tools for the Collectible books category and reviewing applications from sellers. At this time, we are ready to move ahead and remove listings from non-approved sellers from the category.

To prevent your current listings from being removed and to enable this account to create additional collectible listings, you must request approval by Sunday, January 3, 2010.  We will review applications and advise sellers of their approval status by Monday, January 4, 2010.

If you want to request approval to list “Collectible” books, please see the Collectible Books Requirements page in Seller Help, available at the following URL:

If you are not approved to list “Collectible” books, you must list your items as “Used” if you wish to continue selling them on  Amazon cannot relist your items for you, as we are not in a position to evaluate the condition of the inventory you have on hand.

When collectible listings from non-approved sellers are removed from offering pages on January 6, 2010, they will appear in the “Closed Listings” section of your Manage Inventory pages and will be flagged as “Blocked” listings.  You can use the “Unblock” link and make the necessary changes to relist your items in “Used” condition.

Alternatively, to prevent your listings from being removed by Amazon on January 6, you may change the listings to “Used” condition now and continue to offer them for sale. Individual sellers can use the “Relist” feature to edit the condition of an item. Pro Merchants can also use Amazon’s bulk listing tools to upload new condition information for their SKUs. Please see below for detailed steps for doing so.

Using Manage Inventory

1. In your Seller Account, click “View your current inventory” under the Manage Your Inventory section.
2. From the Open Listings tab, locate your “Collectible” book listings.
3. For each listing you want to close, click the box in the far left column.
4. Select “Close Listings” from the drop-down at the top right and click “Go!”
5. Next, from the Closed Listings tab, locate your “Collectible” book listings.
6. For each listing, click on the “Relist” link in the column on the far right.
7. On the editing page that appears, use the drop-down menu at the top to select from the available “Used” conditions and use the text box to update your listing comments as needed.
8. Click “Relist” to create your new listing.

Using Book Loader or Inventory Loader Feeds
1. In your inventory file, locate your collectible listings (numerical codes 5, 6, 7, and 8).
2. Add a ‘d’ in the ‘add-delete’ column. Also, make sure there are values in the price and quantity columns to prevent the upload from erroring out.
3. Save your file in tab-delimited text (.txt) format.
4. Upload your file to close the listings.
5. Next, using the same inventory file change the “item-condition’ column to a “Used” value (1, 2, 3, or 4); if you use the Book Loader ‘condition’ column instead, change the textual description.
6. Change the value in the ‘add-delete’ column; you may simply remove the ‘d’ or change it to an ‘a’ (the default value for file uploads is “add”).
7. Save your file in tab-delimited text (.txt) format.
8. Upload your new file to create new listings.

If you don’t have a file with all of your listing data, you can create an Inventory Loader file using an Open Listings Reports.  For instructions, see this Seller Help page:


If you have feedback about these changes, please write to

Thank you for selling on Books

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