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Anyone use Craiglist to search for books to add to your inventory?  If not, you should!  It is a great place to find people wanting to get rid of their old books. You can generally find some great deals.  Craigslist separates out listings in almost all of the major cities in the US and also internationally.  I would recommend Craigslist to put on your list of usual places to check for sources of books that you want to sell online.

One thing I hate about searching Craigslist is that it’s all manual searching. I had no way to really get notified of things coming up for sale. I had to go to the site and just periodically check what was newly listed. It was a major pain and, at the same time, was sometimes beat to the punch by people that saw a super good deal before I did and had already bought the books.  Imagine my frustration if I see a huge lot of books coming from a closed bookstore that was listed three days ago to find that they’ve already been sold!  Ah!

Luckily, I was doing some Google searches today because I thought there had to be a better way to do this and stumbled upon a great service called Heycraig. This service is absolutely free and is as simple as you can get which is everything I was looking for.  Heycraig is a service that allows you to input a search term, an email address and a city you want to search and it will send you an automatic email notification whenever a listing meets your search term.

It’s a great little app that you can use to find some great deals on books or really whatever you’re looking for and never again will you be beaten to the good deals or have to go to the site over and over again searching.

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  • Brent

    Good point, I forget about Craigs list.

  • Steve

    Hm, I just tried this service but for some reason when I put in the craigslist url (my particular city is it says that I need to put in a correct url. I even tried and it still didnt work… anyone else have this problem?

  • adbertram

    Strange. I was able to put in a few cities around me successfully.

  • anonymousrezolutionz

    They only support Major areas and not the sub cities. For example My city doesn't show up, and the category it is in doesn't work either, I have to use the whole SFBAY category…

    I found a way to get around this, simply create filters in your email to direct messages from HEYCRAIG with a body containing “your city” to a certain folder and BOOOM@! You are now only viewing messages that are in your area. Kind of sloppy, but it works for me. At least until they rework the site.

  • mike

    I often post an ad on my Craigslist that I buy books in bulk.. have bought thousands of books this way!

  • JeanneDaly

    I tried Craig's list in the past without much luck but I'm going to go there again because it does seem like it would be a great resource. is also worth looking at

  • eaglesister

    Know of any Great inexpensive sites to buy an IPhone?


  • eaglesister

    Know of any Great inexpensive sites to buy an IPhone?


  • GreenTextbooks

    A really awesome place to find books for the cheapest would be a search engine based website that just looked up textbooks. Luckily there is a site that does just that for you! It’s called , this semester I ended up saving about 300 bucks looking for my books on that site. You should see if it can help you out. I know your classes have all ready started but if your still trying to figure out how you’re going to pay for these books you might be able to save yourself some money and it usually only takes about a week to get your books.

  • Linda

    Hi Mike,
    I have many hundreds of books that I am trying to sell. I don’t have the time for the usual Ebay or Craigslist. I live in Ortonville/Oxford area. would you be interested in looking at them.

  • Coachdhelms

    looking for science biology lab supplies